Steven Kelly

Founder KNO Worldwide

Mr. Kelly has over 40 years’ experience in strategy development and business performance improvement. This exposure has included work in the production, financial, energy, and consumer retail sectors. Mr. Kelly’s emphasis has included operational systems and procedures analysis, executive strategy formulation and facilitation, talent coaching and mentoring, development of customer service and sales strategies, as well as a variety of commercial performance improvement efforts. Widely traveled, he has conducted numerous field assignments, defined operating and management strategies, and delivered technical assistance in 30 countries in sectors such as government reform, higher education, agriculture, finance and economics, health and environment.

In the private sector, Mr. Kelly led performance improvement efforts for such clients as General Motors/OPEL, Bechtel, KPMG, Kimberly-Clark, Holcim, Nestle and AIG. In the past decade, Mr. Kelly has led performance strengthening assignments and supported interventions in Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Rwanda, Nicaragua and Georgia. He has also led numerous development projects funded by USAID, the World Bank, EU Leonardo and Peace Corps.

As both a manager and management trainer, Mr. Kelly’s strong leadership skills are evidenced by his rapid promotion and development as a consultant in these areas. Currently, he is working with both Fortune 500 and governmental agencies to improve team effectiveness and overall productivity. He has been certified as a Performance Expert, Kirkpatrick Training Evaluator, and Technical Instructor. Steven has a Master’s degree in Human Relations/Management from Pacific Lutheran University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from University of Houston. During the 1990s he served 2 terms as a Director on the Board of the Czech-American Chamber of Commerce, and more recently served two terms as a Board member of the International Society for Performance Improvement.

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