One becomes a full member of RSPI upon receipt of a fully completed membership application, full payment of membership dues, and participates in the chapter activities.
Active members make up the General Assembly and are eligible to nominate themselves or other active members for elected positions on the Executive Committee. Members vote for a nominated candidate and may hold an elected position on the Executive Committee. Members may also vote on issues placed on an election ballot by the Executive Committee. Active members in good standing shall receive copies of RSPI’s publications and its annual Membership Directory.

Membership in RSPI is open to any individual that is professionally interested in the purpose of the chapter, who evidently supports RSPI mission, goals and objectives and participates in the organization’s activities.
Membership is available in four categories:
• Individual: Professional category
• Organization: Institutional membership that includes 3 transferrable Individual memberships.
• Student: Discounted membership for full-time students
• Honorary: Free membership awarded by Board for set period (one year to life) in honor of substantial contributions to the chapter

Bank details:

Bank account: Rwanda Society for Performance Improvement
Account number: 4003200471018 at Equity Bank

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