1. Professional development

Join over 89 professionals from Government, private sector and academia today. Becoming a RSPI member will help you:

  • Strengthen your personal knowledge and skills with practical performance improvement approaches and tools.
  • Learn about the application of performance improvement methods in real-life; organizations and projects in Rwanda and internationally from seasoned experts.
  • Network with professionals and visiting experts to gain knowledge of best practices, lessons learned, and upcoming opportunities
  • Improve capabilities for career advancement and ability to take on complex performance improvement initiatives.
  • Members benefit through a variety of program events (presentations, forums, training, and networking) and publications (RSPI CV directory, newsletters, and journal articles).

2. Valuable networks

RSPI organizes networking events and knowledge cafés where government professionals, business executives and CSO representatives interact and share insights on performance improvement approaches to address real crosscutting issues.

3. Certificates and accreditations

RSPI members are assisted to apply for the Certified Performance Technologist (CPT), one of the prestigious professional designations and valuable/ recognized around the world. CPT is an International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) designation.

For the past 3 years, Rwanda has climbed high to rank top in Africa in number of applications and approved CPTs, and fourth in top 25 of highest number of applications at the global level.

The CPT designation recognizes practitioners who have demonstrated proficiency in 10 standards of performance technology in compliance with ISPI’s code of ethics. Candidates for the CPT are required to have 3 years of experience and describe at least three projects of how their work exemplifies the use of the 10 standards. The projects in the application are peer reviewed by CPTs trained in the review process.

4. Opportunities to share expertise

RSPI forums bring together RSPI members and likeminded professionals to raise awareness about RSPI and its raison d’etre as well as explore how management consultants skilled in HPT can add value to the government and private sector institutions.

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